Social dating network sites in nigeria 2016

Viewers can save the video to replay later, and add hearts if they like a video or comment on it."This is the next generation of real-time tweeting," Williamson said.

Because of their increasing popularity, these apps are starting to be integrated into other services, too, says Williamson.

It's all about live-streaming This past year was a breakthrough year for live-streaming, and its continued growth is likely to be a dominant theme in 2016.

"Services like Periscope have become more easy to use and more reliable," Debbie Williamson, principal analyst at e Marketer, a market research company, told CBS News.

Snapchat has many features for more private conversations including texting and video calling. "The knee-jerk reaction is that it is too noisy," Myhr told CBS News.

Twitter loses traction Twitter has been having some challenges with usage, and user growth in the U. A lot of people are starting conversations and it might be hard to find the right people to engage with or to follow.


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