Dating a general music co amp

When a note is played, the engine analyses the velocity of a key-strike and constructs a model of the harmonic content for that note at the unique velocity. ART replicates perfectly sound of a piano string stopped by a damper.

In an acoustic piano strings are silenced when a damper touches a string.

Line 6 dealers offer discounts on select products, and you could be entitled to a rebate or free add-on to the gear you've been saving for.

We at Generalmusic take our business very seriously.

At the heart of the FADE engine is an extensive database, which looks up the precise harmonic content of any note played at any specific velocity level.

And our business is to create amazing tools for professional musicians.

Our tools produce unmatched deep, vibrant and rich sounds.

Everything you need for your performance is right there at your fingertips. Whether it is dark or suddenly brighter than day, you simply remember where to move your hand for the sound or modulation you need. Listeners that detect nuances, enjoy vibrancy, are sensitive to dynamic range and appreciate authenticity.

This is what professional digital stage piano for discerning ears is made of. Promega 2 is quick and easy to use thanks to its large and user-friendly main panel, large buttons and the reduced need to access any digital menus.


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