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She also tastes stale bread when she hears the word 'judge', while the word 'left' makes her feel as if she has eaten Mc Donald's chips.

Now the University of Sussex is studying Annie and has devised an online test you can take to see if you suffer from lexical-gustatory synaesthesia - which is thought to affect one in 500 people.

For example, the most common type of synesthesia, colour-graphemic, causes those with the condition to associate words and numbers with colours.

President of the UK Synaesthesia Association James Wannerton, 58, who also has lexical-gustatory synaesthesia, said: 'Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia is extremely rare condition and a lot people who I speak to through the association self-diagnose'Often when people go to their GP there's not much he or she can do because there is no cure, and so many people don't even know they have it.'Professor Julia Simner, Director of Multisense Synaesthesia Laboratory at the University of Sussex, said: 'Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia is a condition that causes unusual taste experiences in response to everyday activities like reading.'We have a large European funded project to study synaesthesia across the lifespan and have recently developed a number of online tests for synaesthesia, and some specifically for this condition.'We're currently validating our tests now on large samples of people with synaesthetic tastes, and ask people, like Annie, to take part in our online test.' Synaesthesia is a condition that causes people to experience different senses at the same time.She said: 'Sometimes, when people are talking to me, I try not to wince or spit if they say certain words which taste horrible.'It's not a common word, but the colour 'puce' makes me taste rotten food, which is really disgusting.'And the word 'thrills' is like the smell of cement in my mouth, while the sound of bongo drums makes me taste oranges, or sometimes the Spanish tapas dish, patatas bravas.'Sometimes Annie's senses can become overloaded, leading to her experience mild panic attacks.She said: 'When I started listening to music by myself, it sometimes became overwhelming.'I try not to make a big deal of it when I taste strange things, but when I do try to explain what's happening, some people think I'm exaggerating.He also says he should avoid jail time because he became a 'national pariah' after the FBI investigation into his sexting prompted the bureau to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server just days before the presidential election.Weiner's attorneys filed a lengthy court memo which was made public in full on Thursday documenting their client's years as a self-proclaimed 'sex addict' and asking a judge for leniency when the former congressman is sentenced for sending obscenity to a minor later this month.The former congressman pleaded guilty to sending obscene materials to a 15-year-old girl in May, after Daily first reported on his sexting relationship with the teenager last September.


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