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Just because you don’t think it can happen, doesn’t mean it won’t.To keep your Membership active you need to log in and use time.These include: Rome regularly reads listener emails during the show.These emails frequently include references to funny or embarrassing comments or incidents made by athletes and celebrities, and several have become staple references that are frequently heard.

And it certainly doesn’t mean Allah can’t make it happen.

See also: Alvin's Mix In July 2006, in the wake of the Manual Buzzer take (see below), show engineer Alvin Delloro created a medley called "Alvin's Mix," consisting of fragments of dozens of classic soundbites used since the show's inception.

Rome has described "Alvin's Mix" as sixteen years of radio rolled into a little over five minutes.

You beg and you plead to Allah to give you something or remove some harm from you. I respond to the #invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. Allah commands us to respond to Him and Believe in Him. Have you responded to Allah and His messenger (peace be upon him)? That punishment is not just in the hereafter; it can also happen in this life.

And when My servants ask you, concerning Me – indeed I am near. I’m sure you understand that Allah punishes us for the wrong we do.


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