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If you enable this setting, you can enter a custom list of domains for which outdated Active X controls won't be blocked in IE.

Each domain entry must be formatted like one of the following: This setting determines whether IE blocks specific outdated Active X controls.

If you disable or don't configure this setting, IE won't log Active X control information.

Note that you can turn this setting on or off regardless of the Turn off blocking of outdated Active X controls for IE or Turn off blocking of outdated Active X controls for IE on specific domains settings.

This setting allows you to manage a list of domains on which IE will stop blocking outdated Active X controls.

To see the complete list of out-of-date Active controls blocked by this feature, see Blocked out-of-date Active X controls.

The next time you visit a webpage running the same outdated Active X control, you’ll get the notification again.

To get the updated app Security Note: If you don’t fully trust a site, you shouldn’t allow it to launch an outdated app.

For Windows 10 you also have the option to log your inventory info to a local WMI class.

Info logged to this class includes all of info you get from the file, plus the CLSID of the loaded Active X control or the name of any apps started from an Active X control.


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