Naked web cam chat on skype

The most obvious solution when it comes to USB webcams is to simply disconnect the device.

While this option isn’t available on hardware with integrated cameras, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn how many people leave their webcams plugged in even when they don’t even need them.

The first is to disable it in the operating system., clicking on Webcam privacy settings in the results.

Find the switch labelled Let apps use my camera and turn this setting to off.

Webcams (internal and external) are useful additions to laptops, tablets, phones, even some external PC monitors and smart TVs.

We can use them with motion detection games and apps, for video chat via Skype and similar services and how they can be subverted to breach your privacy — not just by criminals, but also by security services.

While Skype makes it easy for you to conduct video chat, business users are often best served by using it only for audio chat or to make calls to landline or mobile phones.

Do you leave your webcam connected, or disregard its potential to invade your privacy?

Feel it’s time to take control, or will you simply take your chances?

Tell us how you feel about webcam privacy in the comments.

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