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This past summer, Cynthia Cannon, a student seeking her undergraduate degrees in Theater and French, encountered a similar financial predicament.

While the notices to pay her tuition bills began to overlap, it became glaringly obvious that Cynthia would need a sustainable source of income besides grants or loans in order to finish her education.

Every queen has her slaves and Ruth is no exception.

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There isn't a lot of time on her hands — or his, for that matter — to get the job done.

So she starts describing how nice it would if "Mommy" weren't around so much, and how she wishes that "Daddy," the caller, would pay the right kind of attention to his princess.

Still, as access to rare sexual niches becomes increasingly convenient, talking dirty on a sex line with a total stranger — whose vague advertisement leaves almost everything to the imagination — has yet to lose its prevalence underneath the industry's umbrella.

In Kathleen's opinion, what perhaps keeps customers coming back "to shell out the per minute" is the personalized guarantee.


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