Dating for the lonley

If you don’t really know what you want in a relationship, then you won’t be fully happy and fulfilled. If not, maybe you and your partner aren’t as fit for each other as you believed, and that is causing you to long for something different.

You must pinpoint what it is you want and need from a relationship in order to fully embrace and engage with your significant other. [Read: The 3 stages to embrace and overcome loneliness] #3 Loneliness also occurs when communication is not open and honest.

If all you really want to do is curl up with a book or watch a movie, don’t. Sign yourself up for a new cooking class, or online course.

Take on a new project at work, or volunteer at an organization in your city.

Loneliness can be a perpetual cycle as it leads to you further closing yourself off to the people around you, causing you to feel even lonelier.

If you’re feeling alone in your relationship, resist the temptation to hibernate in yourself, and your secluded routine. If you’re feeling lonely and all you really want to do is nothing, make the effort to get busy.

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Just because you’re feeling lonely in your relationship and experiencing some challenges in your life, doesn’t mean you need to become hard on yourself.When one, or several of these things happen to your relationship, you can eat, sleep, and live with your partner but still feel unengaged and inactive in the relationship.While the feeling of loneliness can start off small, if it’s not dealt with soon, it can grow to a crushing level that can eventually end a relationship altogether.This can be related to feeling unloved and undervalued, and being insecure in the partnership.It can also creep in if you start to believe that your sexual needs aren’t being met.Relationships that have open and consistent communication often have fewer issues.


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