National coalition against domestic violence dating violence facts

Physical “abuse” includes pushing, hitting, punching, strangling, biting, unwanted sexual acts, and other forms of “assault,” a legal term for an unwelcome physical contact that involves some injury or offensive touching.

It also includes verbal threats of physical abuse, made with the apparent ability to carry out the threats. If you do not belong to any of the above categories, but you would like to seek protection from the Courts you may file for a Peace Order in any District Court in Maryland (if you are eligible for a Protective Order, you are not eligible for a Peace Order, and vice-versa).

A person may use the Peace Order to protect him or herself from abusers who are stalkers (regardless of whether that abuser is known to the victim) who target another person for harassment or abuse.

(If you are eligible for a Protective Order, you are not eligible for a Peace Order, and vice-versa).

In order to obtain a Peace Order, the Petitioner must allege and prove that the person who has abused him or her has committed one of nine specified acts within 30 days before filing of the Peace Order petition.

For assistance in filing a Petition in Baltimore City, victims should go to Room 100 of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, 111 N.

Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202; in Baltimore County, to the Civil & Family Clerk located on the Second Floor of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204; or, in Carroll County, to Room 208 of the Carroll County Circuit Court, 55 N. Assistance may also be available in other courthouses throughout the state.


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