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My downfall to a “naughty little schoolgirl” began in the most unbelievable of circumstances and it was far from a private affair.During the summer, we went to stay with my best friend (Sharon) in Cornwall who had got herself a holiday job down there.They all thought it was very amusing and Greg humiliated me more by offering to give my bush a little trim when we got back.When we did get back to the cottage we had few more drinks and Greg picked up a pair of scissors and announced: “it is time for the lady’s haircut”.He seemed to undress me with his eyes as he was introduced as Greg and he said leeringly how he was pleased to meet a “posh bird like me” and was looking forward to seeing me on the beach.I blushed in embarrassment and I was thankful when he invited James to go to the pub with him and Sharon and I were left to catch up on old times together.He went on to say how he was really looking forward to stripping me stark naked and seeing everything I had got between my legs and how when I finally begged to be stripped he was going to give me ten more with his favourite instrument.He exclaimed how he thought of having a twenty-five-year-old woman like me under his control was his dream come true especially as I was a “rich bitch” as he put it.

Even Sharon gave me a smack as she stopped rubbing my bum and as I stood up I saw Greg bringing a chair into the room.

PART ONE My boyfriend (James) has always said I was a spoilt brat and always got my own way and to be honest, I had him wrapped around my little finger.

My parents were quite well off and I usually got what I wanted, I still manage to get what I want now but unfortunately, my bum has to pay for it.

A short while later he was screwing me again and he talked to me about what had just happened.

Sex was usually quite boring and with slow gentle thrusts he had me really worked up, “you enjoyed that didn’t you” he teased “Greg knows how to put you in your place” he carried on.


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