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You can map out the random times you plan to test yourself, or if you think you’ll remember, carry some questions on a small notebook to pull out and look at whenever you have a chance.

It may help to get a friend to remind you, or set an alarm on your i Phone for when you want to stop and quiz yourself.

In the meantime, check out Rasmussen College’s Support network of student services designed to help you earn a degree and find a job.

“Most people are unable to continue focusing or studying beyond about two hours without taking a break.

Not only does exercise relieve stress, but it can help increase your concentration as well.

This infographic shows that students who worked out before class improved their test scores by 17 percent versus the 10 percent improvement that was seen when students slept in.

Or it could be as formal as getting a study group of younger students together and tutoring them in grammar.

With this tip, you can kill two birds with one stone.


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