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"Rodney, you need to tell those guys they just made that series real, real easy," Steele told Auburn's veteran defensive line coach. "Everything we do starts and ends with the guys up front, run and pass," Steele said. "Man, it's something that you know, I've very conscientious of," Garner said before the season.Those guys, of course, referred to Auburn's front four on the defensive line, a unit consisting of starters Jeff Holland, Dontavius Russell, Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson, and key rotation pieces Nick Coe, Andrew Williams and T. "I would love for people to go and do the research, look at all the guys I've coached, guys that went to the league, guys that graduated, all those different things and acknowledge that."We knew we had a chance to be pretty good up front this year but what they've done is they've gotten better each week.They're just playing with that edge and that confidence.Freshman Tyrone Truesdell learned firsthand what that was about during fall camp, when he was on the receiving end of one of Garner's intense tirades.

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In fact, the unit has gotten even better this season under Garner. That has included two dominant performances against the nation's No.

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